Luke lives to communicate visually.  If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then visual media is definitely the most effective way to share ideas.  How elements are arranged in a 2 dimensional rectangle to tell a story is the essence of a photograph.  This is such a simple concept, yet the elements are infinitely configurable and can present a lifetime of challenges in regard to conveying a given idea.  Luke has spent over a third of his life mastering this art form and it has been the one thing that continues to inspire him to be the best image maker he can.

Upon finishing school and after a few different career changes, Luke moved to Chicago Il to hone his chops assisting at a commercial catalog house and eventually taking on shooting responsibilities.  In addition, Luke has also worked with some of the top photographers in the Chicago area, and upon doing so fell in love with photographing people.  However, he soon realized that being close to family and lifelong friends was more important and with that, found himself back in the Lansing Area.  Luke has spent the last 3 years building his business and is excited by the new challenges and opportunities being back home has to offer.

In addition to still photography, Luke has always looked at the motion picture field as another form of expression with visual media.  Luke has been involved with video production almost as long as he’s been exploring still imagery.  Over the years he has worked on independent films, televisions commercials, industrial training videos, live television production promotional spots for the National Geographic Channel and music videos ranging from Bon Jovi to Miley Cyrus.  This experience in the video realm gives Luke a unique perspective when it comes to creating imagery that tells a story.

This is the drive that Luke brings to every shoot – the desire to not only let the viewer know what’s going on, but to get them truly engaged in the image before them.